"Triggers can be manual or electronic"
A trigger starts a profile (your plan) they can be scheduled, like maintenance or H&S audit, or from Security Alarms and SensorsCCTV analytics, IoT and input from Apps and Calls from People.

Use Social Media - Twitter, RSS, and government data to trigger a profile. Or through Intelligence.

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Some of the many ways to Trigger a profile.
Security Alarm/Sensors all security protocols are included in Merlin as well as most industrial communications structures and gateways.
  • Security Alarms - many directly signalling, others using gateway devices.
  • Fire Alarm systems using Modbus and BacNet protocols.
  • VSaaS applications (Video Surveillance as a Service).
  • Radar and Lidar Devices.
  • Our team can add devices quickly and at a low cost.
CCTV is supported via the Spectrum Module. This allows the connection of nearly all Closed Circuit Television.
  • DVR, NVR and VMS systems.
  • Advanced deep learning algorithm HaLO can be utilised at any time for object recognition.
  • CCTV Metadata can be analysed in real-time to provide triggers. ANPR and hazardous symbols detection.
IOT The Internet has enabled the introduction of many types and styles of sensors.
  • Environment, traffic and human movement.
  • Weather and other real-time data feeds.
  • Detectors for movement surveillance.
Crisis Input available as an APP package or as a standalone free issue designer for the creation of human interface triggers.
  • Buttons with text input allow human calls to be converted to a trigger.
  • Interactive IVR allows trigger, test and unset from secure code input.
  • Direct trigger from applications and reception consoles.