Integrated Incident, Process and Risk Management.

Initsys NEON converts any business process into an automated script called a Profile, including risk register, audits, incident planning, and compliance.

Profiles use reliable communication and resilient software to provide instructions, even in challenging environments.
It keeps management simple and effective.

Build your crisis, emergency, and risk management centre at the local, national, state, or business level with Initsys NEON.

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"It is the best choice you can make."

Initsys Merlin Neon Edition makes risk/crisis management and planning simple. Build plans, turn them into actionable scripts, and provide applications for users to ensure a reliable response when a critical event occurs.

NEON  protects people and property by managing Process, Risk, Incidents and Emergencies. We turn your paper risk planning audits and compliance into actionable scripts - Profiles.
NEON  Profiles protect people and property by giving them the tools to do day-to-day audits, compliance checks as well as in-emergency process.
NEON provides real-time reports, dashboards and director level graphics, giving an all-important overview of risk/incidents and "return to normality" forecasts.

NEON Nimbus, the Applications builder for IOS/Android, provides a low-cost way to interact with stakeholders, responders and others.
NEON allows pre-configuration of a response to incidents of all types. From Facility Management to Critical Process and Environment. From a single person response to remote control and mass-notification.
NEON manages documents, process and people letting you understand and generate risk pathways to ensure compliance and legal obligations are satisfied. Initsys Merlin will be compatible with the aims of ISO/TC 292 (22361)

NEON has multi-language and time zone support.
NEON 'Hot Pages' give stakeholder, response and public relations gateways to control critical incidents and provides alerts on updates driven through functions that you set and control ; every event has multiple 'Hot Pages'.

NEON connects to sensors, alarms, humans, CCTV and IoT devices.
NEON collects and collates all relevant information into a folder for each Profile.
Plan your scene

Set the Scene

Identify your process/risks/audit and compliance checks on paper.

Generate a Profile for each, keep them simple because you can join and reuse Profiles at any point.

Consider how to manage people, not just those directly involved in risk management, incident or crisis, but responders, controllers and senior officials. Plot a path for recovery and if you need to communicate to the press, stakeholders and public. Define which documents they need and where they need to go.

RIVER - Respond, Inform, View, Evaluate, Report

NMRE Sample Image

Profile (NMRE)

Qualified NMRE engineers will build your 'Scene' into an actionable script or adapt from our catalogue of pre-built scripts.

The Profile can call people and check their response, send messages in many ways, and it can mass notify. It can create 'Hot Pages' of information for different groups (no single group is the same), including live CCTV, logs, responder information, and messages.

The Profile will monitor responses and chase a reply and it can auto route inbound telephone calls.

Finally, Merlin Neon will constantly analyse input based on the geographic location for additional incidents/changes that may affect the plan. It may invoke some additional strategies based on the trigger you define by constantly looking at the threat profile.

-Development continues....

A trigger can come from sensors, humans or Merlin


To set a plan in motion, we need a trigger. This input can be a sensor, like an alarm, a human interaction, or Merlin can do it automatically depending on the data it is receiving from its robots.

A response is required in almost all cases


Almost all incidents require a response of some kind. These can be emergency responders, maintenance technicians or specialists.

Merlin will contact responders in the most efficient way possible, and our API allows two way communication with other despatch software.

It will get acknowledgement of their attendance and understanding of the risk they are attending. Merlin will enable them to follow up and report what they are doing, and it will group incidents based not only on type but also on geographic location.

Merlin enables plans to cross agency boundaries without issues of communication.

Our aim is "Make no Mistake", enabling a swift and safe return to normality or as near as possible.

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Built by the World, for the World.

Every business, organisation and NGO has risk. Risk is everywhere. Build your risk profile, define a plan to deal with each as they occur and then use NEON to implement it.
"Don't rely on people to implement a plan.
NEON ensures what you want to do is done, on time and without errors."
Merlin NEON is the latest version, and it builds on the Ai from previous editions to include robotic incident handling. NEON intelligently joins data from systems, sensors, CCTV, alarms and humans to pre-formed plans to create a complete picture of an incident; this is then presented to the operations personnel in an easy to use and almost fool proof way.
Anything can trigger an incident in Merlin. Not least of which are other systems, such as cybersecurity platforms, IT monitoring systems or telemetry collators like government alerts. Initsys Robots also gather intelligence using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).
Sensors that trigger Merlin can include almost all IoT devices, timers, remote lone worker devices and environmental monitoring equipment. Wind, weather and flooding alerts are typical devices found in the Merlin platform.
Spectrum handles CCTV in Merlin. Almost all Closed Circuit Television is compatible with Spectrum, including DVR, NVR and VMS. Spectrum includes iGoLive, and this application allows the collection of recordings based on a trigger (metadata or sensor) and time date (post-incident data collection). Live viewing includes webRTC (allowing remote viewing - see Nimbus App Building), digital zoom and object detection framing.
Merlin has a long history of connection to intruder, fire and personnel alarms. We are compatible with all know protocols. We often directly connect to the alarm panel, making the necessity for a third party transmission device unnecessary. Most of the more modern panels allow remote configuration, and our library of commands is extensive.
Interaction with humans is by utilising a touch screen and app-based trigger mechanism known as crisis alert. This module is free to use in Merlin and allows the construction of buttons and Q/A style triggers. The MAA robot also enables the remote trigger via a secret telephone number requiring pin and voice authentication.
NEON Apps are built using the Nimbus App Builder, using packages the app builder provides a quick and simple way to provide applications to people.
NEON Robots can automatically deal with 80% of all incidents, speed up the response, ensure compliance and get better return to normality.
We have implemented Merlin within days by using our bureau and SaaS models.

The World's best risk management software?

"Merlin proved invaluable when the pandemic struck. Our pre-planning went almost without a hitch enabling the business to provide the best service to our customers"

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"Make No Mistake"

ISO 22300:2021 - Merlin is compatible with the Security and resilience — Vocabulary standard.
Scene/Scenario - Your paper based planning built from a combination of Matrix and Plan. Discover more.
Profile - This is Merlin's API; it allows you to set a scene to procedure. Merlin will follow this and make intelligent decisions affecting your risk pathway. Discover more.
Trigger - Something that invokes a profile. For example, a sensor, human interaction, or an external warning Merlin is monitoring (such as CCTV). Discover more.
Response - Interaction with engineers, staff, public or a response agency. Remote control of intelligent devices to control all aspects of a building or process. Called from a profile as required. Discover more.
Computer Intelligence - Is achieved through intelligent control by machine learning, using statistically-driven robots and rules association predictive modelling working with the profile. Discover more.
Statistical Intelligence - This provides meaningful dashboard visualization, rules association to create the visuals, and reporting of customer KPIs through real-time events, historical analysis, and reactive, predictive modelling (adding some to the profile). Discover more.
Resolution - The conclusion of an incident. Used to quantify and provide historical analysis and as a way of improving the "profile". Discover more.
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"Mistakes are made when plans are poorly set, or are untested and not updated. Initsys Merlin lets us control this process and that gives the confidence and surety that whatever the incident a plan is in place and that it will be followed no matter what".


"Our video wall (Merlin includes Video Wall Control Software) gives us the option to monitor in real time the activity in any one of over six-hundred remote premises. We can also control out of hours deliveries and every facet of our estate. From plumbers to security as well as a link to HR".

Nimbus App Builder for IOS and Android.

Mobile Apps are an essential part of any organisation. In the case of incident management, it is unlikely that any single application will suit all purposes. Instead, we have constructed 'packages' of features that you can use to build your applications to suit individual groups of people or departments.

To find out more about the packages you can use to build applications, please contact your Initsys sales support personnel.

Robots in NEON Edition.

Incidents happen at all times, and your risk is exposed when these are not handled quickly, potentially making the event more challenging to reach a return to normality. The design of our Robots enables automatic information processing with more accuracy, outperforming humans doing the same task.

Our Robots include those that look for changes in sensors and data, for example, flooding warnings, those that despatch responders and make mass notification calls and deep learning that detects objects in CCTV.

"Incidents do not have to be critical, we use Merlin to maintain almost all of our facilities. From general maintenance, to CCTV monitoring."
"The control centre can no longer afford to be binary. That is either for Security or Facilities Management, or Business Planning - It's the same risk. So it doesn't make sense to have three teams, just as the network must support all the services".


Here are some useful documents that describe our technology and technique.
Risk Manager Leaflet
Automation FM
Automation In Security
Our system enables compliance with ISO/TC 292(Proposed)22361, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety, ISO 31000 Risk Management, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management, ISO 22320 Emergency Management, ISO 27001 Information Security Management, Civil Contingencies Act and Martyn's Law
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