"Ai for Good"
Robots and Ai are simple. They take jobs that humans find difficult to process quickly or find boring and repetitive and handle them promptly and efficiently.
Our robots vary from those that use statistical intelligence to calculate a threat and those that monitor events and incidents to raise a threat and examine data and look for consistencies, much in the same way that humans learn.

For Statistical Intelligence click here.

Let's look at some of our robots.
Halt and Look Once, a deep learning algorithm. See separate paper. HaLO examines images either received in small JPG format from CCTV systems or uses the full-frame recovery system iGoLive.

  • Real Time Object Recognition from all forms of CCTV
  • Available as edge (onsite) or SaaS.
  • Links results back to Merlin for inclusion and as a "live rule". Also with direct feedback to threat manager.

HaLO Helicopter
Threat-(Manager) is a statistical robot that builds an image of "what is happening" at a protected property so that the NMRE can react accordingly and advise response of the state of the incident - the threat level.

  • Looks at all inbound data to check for location related incidents as well as directly related events.
  • Raises the threat level on demand to alert users of increase.
  • Automatically adjusts rules to fit the threat.
Threat Manager Logo
SQueAK - A live (in process) SQL robot building live SQL for reaction/check.

  • Uses set SQL builds to process queries in real time and on demand inside a rule.
  • Defines new pathways dependent on the status of the query.
  • Automatically adjusts rules to fit the threat.
SQueAK Logo