"Statistics and Dashboards tell us all."
Our Statistical Intelligence feature offers comprehensive dashboard visualizations and rules association to create those visuals. You can easily report on customer KPIs using real-time events, historical analysis, and reactive, predictive modelling; this helps to add more valuable information to your profiles.

The final stage - Resolution.

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Let's look at some examples.
Mapping plotting incidents and events on a map is a simple way to display the geographic nature of threats. Utilising geo-location these can be expanded to provide real-time information and alerts.

Initsys Maps
  • Multi-Layered, with drilldown capability.
  • Display data or icons with real time status changes.
  • Plot real time location information related to vehicles, personnel and environmental threats such as flooding, lightning and power outages.

Dashboards show the data in easy to use graphic form. Highlighting performance and KPI, return to normality and function. Current threat can also be highlighted.

  • Available on APP, Video Wall and Console.
  • Reads data from real-time SQueAK application.
  • Drillable reports and presentation to Government Agencies on demand.