Risk Assessment Diagram
"Let's not create a scene - actually, let's do!"
To get started, make a Risk Matrix to list and rank possible risks.

Next, create a thorough audit and compliance plan for each risk. These will guide what actions to take if the threat becomes a reality, altogether known as the "scene."

Finally, utilize the tools provided or ask our engineers to convert the scene into practical solutions. - click to find out more about a Profile.

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Let's look at some examples.
Motor Accident involving company car (scene can be expanded as necessary)

Your plan could be
  • Check Injury Status of People - Open new Profile for each person.
  • Inform Insurance Company.
  • Check driver has gathered images and details of all those involved. Upload if necessary using vehicle operator app.

Fire Alarm has activated

Your plan could be
  • Set Audio Warning for Zone of Building affected - Auto.
  • Set Warning to be ready for evacuation from Zone adjacent - Auto.
  • After investigation confirm with Fire Authority that alarm activated and that response is or is not required.
"It's not uncommon for a Scene to have over one hundred different actions. Merlin can call people; it sends documents and texts, switches devices, locks and unlocks doors and intelligently forks to a different scene if it detects it should. We haven't yet found a limit.
Merlin is a fantastic tool for business and organisations."