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"A plan isn't a plan until it's a Merlin Profile"
The Merlin Profile is your scene, converted to a working model.
The profile can handle many parts of the scene automatically.

Merlin's threat management robot will monitor the Profile and join together those that are related and will raise (or lower) the threat to your business or organisation.

The profile builds a catalogue of responses and data and displays that in reports, dashboards and incident notifications. Often requiring a Response.
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Let's look at some examples.
Motor Accident involving company car (profile) can be expanded as necessary)

Your profile could be
  • Check Injury Status of People - Open new Profile for each person to capture injury details and history.
  • Inform Insurance Company.
  • Collect images and witness statements and place in Keynotes file.
  • Create a profile for vehicle repair status and monitor.
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Fire Alarm has activated

Your profile could be
  • Set Audio Warning for Zone of Building affected - Auto.
  • Set Warning to be ready for evacuation from Zone adjacent -¬†Auto.
  • Check everyone is accounted for from zone affected - possibly use "safeme" app and beacon locator..
  • Gather data and ensure fire alarm is reset once incident is closed.
  • After investigation confirm with Fire Authority that alarm activated and result of investigation.