"Responders respond"
It is hard to imagine an incident Profile without some form of response.

That could be as simple as switching something on or off, or contacting an emergency service. The Profile has many checks to ensure responders are not called irresponsibly.

Our responder app is designed to protect your workforce while they are attending an incident. Merlin will know where the responder is by using Maps, and the responder can call for assistance using the Initsys ICETAG.

Responders are generally called automatically, the telephony interface provides near voice like technology and IVR response as well as inbound caller recognition. Making the system as near automatic as possible. Triggering a Response.
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Mapping and ICETAG.
Mapping our GIS and mapping technology includes these features.
  • Near Real-Time positioning using GPS and Bluetooth beacon.
  • Incident location information is presented as required on terminal and video wall if used.
  • Interactive incident collation in the case of multiple incidents appearing at the same location but from many sources.
  • Real Time sensor activation to allow remote monitoring of expanding incident.

ICETAG "In Case of Emergency" TAG

The ICETAG includes the following features.
  • Simple pocket hidden button for sending panic alarm to Merlin.
  • Connectable to any Initsys application not just owners handset.
  • Provides mesh level monitoring of users location.