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Merlin's NMRE (New Merlin Rules Engine) is designed for dynamic rule planning. Find out about it here.


Merlin's NMRE (New Merlin Rules Engine) is designed for dynamic rule planning. Find out about it here.

July 16, 2021

Dynamic Planning for all risks.

It is worth remembering that a plan is a series of actions that define the route to a target. It is simply that. But a good plan will undoubtedly have twists and turns, some potentially recognised, others not. Initsys Crisis Strategy plans include those dealing with an incident, from resting state to completion and a recovery plan.

One plan for most incidents is never enough. That is why Merlin defined programs can be joined together and sub-targets defined. For example, each plan would have an owner, who is best suited to the task in hand, the best possible trained person or group, and they would be the first to be alerted. As information flows into Merlin, additional tasks would fork, the information given to more people, and Merlin might suggest further briefing.

One vital aspect of Merlin is that the PR team can manage the communication strategy within the system. Having a ready pack in Merlin is a great idea, with some templates and a few web pages pre-defined for each type of incident can be pulled into place and released as a pack. These pages carry the details of the people heavily involved in the recovery operation and all the technical detail that might be of interest. It is also possible to tie Twitter releases to this page so that the timing of PR. Another page for shareholders and other stakeholders is also a great idea. Merlin's other features allow accredited press access to a PR feed that you control, issuing notices and information to the feed as required and a depository for inbound questions that may need answering.

Of course, testing is a vital element of the plan, and Merlin gives the ability to test any program at any time, substituting external resources with dummy data. Regular testing has the benefit of allowing a subtle change to the program.

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