Risk Manager App

What does the Risk Manager App do?

With the Initsys Risk Manager App, your staff can become a proficient Risk Team by quickly reporting issues to maintenance teams, demonstrating that systems are regularly checked, and accessing pre-formatted plans.

This App is linked to the Initsys DarkARX robot, which automates log entries, communication tasks, and warnings.

The Risk Manager App is as simple as possible to use. Logging in uses a proprietary multi-factor authentication. If no change of device is detected and the user has logged into their device, they will remain connected to the Initsys DarkArx system.

The primary way for users to interact with the service is through buttons. Users can initiate a sequence of instructions by selecting a button and pressing it. These instructions may involve obtaining data, sending messages (including Voice, SMS, and Email), answering questions, and receiving advice.

Our App allows you to control various devices, including networked public address speakers and display boards. For more information, please get in touch with our helpdesk. Additionally, you can connect sensors, fire alarms, and intruder devices.

Users must conduct daily, weekly, and monthly pre-guest checks, which are logged. If any review is missed, reminders will be sent.

A physical check is one way to confirm that the fire extinguishers have been assessed. This can involve scanning a QR code for authentication. Additionally, if any defects are found, they can be reported directly to the company in charge of maintaining the fire extinguishers.

You can send pre-formatted advice, notes, and plans electronically to your device or email them to someone else, like the Fire Service. This information can help protect Fire Fighters from the danger of compressed CO2 cylinders if it's provided quickly.

One of the App's great features is its ability to notify multiple users in case of a potential threat. This could be anything from a structural issue that requires management's attention as soon as possible to a sudden increase in the number of guests beyond what was expected. The App's buttons make it easy to report problems and document actions taken, ensuring a precise log of all activity related to your premises.