Risk Manager

All Risks Management.

Any modern information management system needs to be flexible, adaptable, and robust, and those requirements are crystal clear. Risk Manager is a system that allows the "construction of any information management flow sequence, including features such as Incident Management, Audit and Compliance."

By incorporating the Initsys AI API, Risk Manager is not just a tool for managing risks – it becomes an intelligent assistant that continuously learns, adapts, and offers solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology and safety management.

Experience the future of risk management with Risk Manager, powered by AI.

By analysing the requirements of any process, one can understand that the primary focus should be on effectively managing any incidents that may occur. Additionally, through conducting regular audits and compliance checks, we can prevent such incidents from happening in the first place.

In military terms, this is called IAC - Incident, Audit, Compliance.

We start by defining what the Incident could be, let's say, a Fire. We determine what to do when a fire occurs, from checking if it is an actual event to evacuating and providing the necessary information (documents) for safe firefighting. The safety team constructs this plan, hopefully never used in anger.

This plan could ingest information from, for example, management systems/duty rosters and inform PR personnel so they are ready for questions from the Press and page staff (electricians, etc).

We do this "planning" as part of an Audit (the fire risk assessment), which, in Merlin's case, is an electronic form completed by a suitably qualified person. Here, we identify what we need to check regularly to ensure everything is in place to avoid a Fire Occurrence. Fire extinguishers are the right type and in place; doors are constructed to the correct standard and continue to be so. These are examples of what we should see in the Audit.

We then define who checks these items and the frequency; this is a compliance check and would generally be the "responsible person" for that building or area, achieved by utilising the Risk Manager App, which reminds the group or individual to perform the compliance check.

If the compliance check is missed or cancelled, it will increase the level of risk and require more senior management involvement. As risk increases, the level of reporting will also increase.

Anyone can apply the concept of IAC to any business process.

For example, inbound letters - define the plan to deal with an inbound letter (add it to the database, set a priority and escalation process and keep the team updated), regularly Audit that process and Comply with the rules you define and get Merlin to remind if a response is due.

Patient Safety- define a plan to deal with an occurrence. Gather data in a round-robin fashion until there is nothing left to gather (images, documents, statements (both audio and video) and expert evidence. Publish. Regularly Audit that process, add new items to the plan or simplify it.

  • Comply with time deadlines and information flow so the Incident remains manageable.
  • "Fork" any findings to other Incident workflows to identify and correct failings (cleaning, snow clearance, etc).
I.A.C - Incident, Audit, Compliance.