Sometimes you want to rev up your business but in order to do so you need to invest heavily in a new engine or system. You may even need new people, more technical systems or new infrastructure.

It is never more so than when you want to improve the technology in the security control room.

You want to monitor and react to intruder alarm signals, use the best CCTV systems (even those installed by others) have applications to watch guards that allow them to interact with the control room using day to day technology. And you want access to the best in robotics, automating the control room so that the controllers are only reacting to real events.

Systems, software, technical staff - it all adds up - a huge investment.

MerlinTeam takes all that worry, and cost, away.

Leaving you with just the management and operations to deal with, something you already know how to do.

MerlinTeam is a pay as you go model that helps you build your business.

Merlin is one of the most popular control room software systems. It is used by some of the most successful companies and security providers to provide advanced services to customers. But, until now, it has required a significant investment in people, training and technology. When you subscribe to MerlinTeam, we provide the complete package, a cyber-secure link to our data-centres, the setup and 24/7/365 management of technical systems (alarms, CCTV, access control and facilities management) and the terminals.

Call Management and Recording.
Automated telephone call processing.
CCTV alerts with access to HaLO possibly the World's most advanced object classification robot.
Alarm and Telemetry Management for all currently available systems.
Applications for the lone worker, guard tracking and incident reporting and Facilities Management.

A complete set of tools that our technicians set up for you leaving you to react and deal with events as they occur to a service level that you agree with your client.

Paying just a small monthly charge and a setup fee per site you protect; on a per month basis and giving access to all the features and facilities of the main Merlin platform without the startup cost.

When you get big enough to take over complete control, you switch from Team to managing yourselves.

MerlinTeam - Giving your business the opportunity to provide services that until now only the most prominent security companies could; from just one system to many thousands, at the click of a button and branded to your requirements.

Merlin - Built by the World for the World
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