Call to Action provides rapid delivery of Defibrillators

Local Resilience adds Defibrillator Management Process to pre-built Procedures.


Local Resilience adds Defibrillator Management Process to pre-built Procedures.

May 25, 2022

Press Release.

Date 24th May 2022

Local Resilience adds Debfibrillator Management Process to pre-built Procedures.

Defibrillators (AED) are installed in many communities to access advanced technology for heart attack victims. With Ambulance waiting times extending, it is more and more critical that these are delivered to patients quickly. For every minute of delay, the chances of survival are diminished by 10%.

Creating a new Local-Resilience Call To Action(CTA) enables volunteers to be coordinated and called to fetch a defibrillator to a location by a single call to a national number. Solving the problem of whether you should stay with a victim or go and collect when there are only two people present at an incident. Used in association with NHS trusts, the Local-Resilience platform can save vital seconds when needed most.

With most defibrillators having intelligence, they also assist when the NHS responders suggest CPR as a first stage, giving explicit instruction and advice.

One of several free to use CTA the defibrillator script will give local communities the chance to form a local volunteer group and respond to emergencies. With assistance from field-proven technology developed in the harshest environment (see, Local-Resilience is key to future community-led responses and warnings.

This defibrillator CTA can be extended to include the collection of trauma kits and even burn relief packs.

Local-Resilience provides Incident Management as a managed service to local communities of all sizes, from Parish to City-Wide. Taking paper plans and turning them into scripts instigated using Call To Action triggers, some of which are fully automated.

Creating new scripts and triggers is part of the managed service provided by the Local-Resilience team, who can take the most complicated plan and create an actionable script.

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