VSaaS - Video Surveillance as a Service is offered by Initsys to provide a low-cost professional way to install and manage remote CCTV.

The people behind Initsys in 2002 invented VSaaS or Video Surveillance as a Service. Right at the very beginning of mass internet adoption.

It uses cameras that can directly connect to servers located in the cloud. There is no requirement for DVR/NVR or any form of on-site recording equipment.

VSaaS is ideal to protect homes and small business. Events are detected and sent to the servers for analysis in seconds, an immediacy that is required when bad guys get near property.  VSaaS enables installers and security control rooms to provide a reliable and exceptionally cost-effective service.

Coupled to the robotics found in Merlin VSaaS becomes a compelling service providing a way for end users to manage their surveillance with little, if any, intervention by the control room, with the added benefit of knowing it is there if required. For installers, there is less equipment to manage, and therefore callbacks are few and far between.

Every Merlin installation has the option to use a VSaaS server.

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