Spectrum provides connection to most video management solutions, closely integrating CCTV into all events, giving unparalleled situational awareness.
A security control room that tells you that information from alarms, sensors and people need not be connected intelligently to CCTV is making a big mistake and demonstrates how little they care about their customers and their control room operators.
Spectrum is an EN62676 compliant video management platform for security control rooms.

Now with HALO (Halt and Look Once) the World's first embedded deep learning algorithm (HALO looks for objects in the collected video in near real-time) making operators more effective and significantly improving the capture rates when viewing and managing CCTV.

Without the interaction provided by the Spectrum interface, it is simply impossible for a controller to correctly verify the information he or she is being presented.

Spectrum is intelligent, it links directly to the Merlin MRE (Merlin Rules Engine) profiles and will open and call recordings from cameras nearest the point of an alarm or event, saving time in an emergency and maximising on what could be a limited amount of bandwidth at the customer's site. Once the video source is connected to a Spectrum server it is multicast to any authorised viewer, without opening multiple streams to the source.

Spectrum is available as call down package able to connect to remote DVR, NVR, VMS, VSaaS and IP cameras to show recordings and provide evidence quickly to Police and other responders. Where used in a city centre environment the system can call on the third party, privately installed CCTV, to collect and view images, making available thousands of otherwise blocked CCTV cameras in an easy way. Spectrum is a CCTV aggregator compatible with almost all systems in use today. It is not a VMS, although it does record video arriving in the control room from external sources.

Spectrum's security interface is GDPR compliant.

The Spectrum video wall element is, without a doubt, the smartest video wall available on the security market, it will interact with Merlin to show and alert controllers to developing situations, it will display and auto zoom on maps when mobile and site assets go into alarm state and it will demonstrate how a MerlinAi profile has raised threat level by examining the triggers individually or as a sequence.

The technology behind Spectrum is completely GPU compatible. This provides the fastest and smoothest video, essential in today's security and surveillance marketplace.

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