Nimbus application is used on handheld devices to enable data flow, control and alerts. Use Nimbus to build branded applications for your business.
Nimbus is a type of Cloud.

In our case, it refers to the connection to Merlin for handheld and mobile devices. Nimbus is an app builder tool.

You use Nimbus to design applications to use internally or sell to customers or end users. The design uses a common theme and many "micro-apps" that connect to make your tool. You can design many instances for the different style of users that might interact with Merlin.

For example, a site manager might want to look at the log of incidents at his managed location. His engineers or facilities team might want to inject maintenance events into Merlin or be "watched" if working alone.

Students in a university might need to have an application that creates a panic alarm event in the event of uncertainty or report a maintenance issue.

A business owner might want to view cameras and CCTV events as well as look at his history.

The choices and combinations are endless. We add new things to the catalogue all the while, making the options even more attractive.

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