MerlinPHP provides secure, reliable access to data held in the main Merlin Database. It has strong Cybersecurity credentials and ensures that there is always a degree of separation between the data and the Internet.

MerlinPHP Secure Access to Data and Dashboards.

In order to access data held in the Merlin Database it is necessary to ensure that any access is secure.

MerlinPHP ensures this by using an independent server with its own access.

MerlinPHP Dashboard

The power of MerlinPHP is incredible, it gives our business exactly the information we need at our fingertips - Banking customer.

One of MerlinPHP's (personal home page) most important features is the ability to interact directly with the Merlin database in a very secure manner. A known connection between the MerlinPHP and the database uses requests of a known format, style and sequence.

There are many common pages used. These enable some reports to be created and used to display data straightforwardly for an end user. There is no reliance on data import or report generators in MerlinPHP. It is all there as standard.

If you operate many remote sites, all reported back to a central location these can also interact with the database. They are keeping control of their settings, open and close times, site management information and for reporting maintenance and other issues.

Dashboards are also a vital part of the system. A few are inbuilt, for example, a manager's page allows the display of the control room performance metrics. Design of additional dashboards for a particular purpose is possible and probably desired in most control room environments these can also feed exceptions to Nimbus, for alerts or event management.


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