Built from years of experience, Merlin's logic allows the efficient and correct handling of all events. Almost without thinking.

Merlin's Logic makes it one of the most feature rich and functional control room software suites.

"Logic" forms the heart of the system whether it is "rules" that govern how we handle events or pre-processing sensor data, grouping, filtering and searching for related activities.

With interactive mapping layers, three-dimensional representation of physical locations and real-time tracking of personnel and equipment, Merlin is not restricted merely to handling sensors.

Over twenty years of experience and expertise in handling all forms of telemetry - alarms, CCTV and personal calls for help Merlin has matured into a platform for all circumstances.

Even if you are protecting one physical location, like a school or sporting venue or have several hundred thousand sites you wish to protect Merlin is ideally suited. We have experience of all scenarios.

The Logic behind Merlin works in harmony with our Machine Learning applications, find out more by clicking on the Robotics link.


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