Initsys Merlin is the class leader in Robotics for the control room - from image object detection and marking to automated call handling and lone worker management.

Robots make the world a safer place.

Our robotic software uses intelligence to control and detect, create situational awareness and reduce false event notification.

HaLO robots view and mark CCTV images so that they are handled more accurately.

Initsys robotics provides a new way of control rooms to operate. It is now possible to automate day to day functions so that operations personnel have more time to deal with the critical task. The robots assist in both analyses of events and the detection of activity.

MAA, known as Molly inside Initsys, is an automated caller and call handling process. The robot provides a way to enable smarter processing and call services when you need someone to respond to the event. Used extensively inside the MRE (Merlin Rules Engine) significantly faster processing is possible.

HaLO (Halt and Look Once) is a robot that looks for objects in an image — used in the control room to look at the notifications received from cameras linked to alarm systems, VSaaS, CCTV cameras and images from guards and raise the importance of the event if a confirmed activity is detected.


Read the white paper on Object based recognition here.
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