A way of injecting non sensor driven events into Merlin. To generate an event of any type, human call for help, facility management requests or engineering detail.
Events need not just be triggered by sensors.

And events are not always security based. Crisis input is a module used in the control room, on tablets remotely, or even as an add on to Nimbus.

Simple to set up crisis input panels allow the injection of events into Merlin. These can then be used by the MRE (Merlin Rules Engine) to create a profile, a pathway for the operator and the system to follow. These buttons can be something as simple as a request to open a gate, create an emergency response, report a broken facility or as complicated as a medical call for help. Crisis input terminals are typically used in reception areas in large buildings to complement the monitoring of fire alarms, panic systems and other electronic devices.

Linked to Nimbus, it is possible to create an application for facility managers, guards and other personnel as well as mobile users. The limit is your sales imagination.

To set up a crisis input panel (which can be assigned globally - for everyone to see, for a particular group of sites, for a place or an individual), you use the crisis creator tool; this allows you to drag and drop buttons (visual switches) onto the panel style them, background and function.

Once published the buttons fit almost all scenarios.

Design your layout.
Publish your layout.
Panels can be designed for use on desktop, tablet and mobile.
And crisis panels are layered with drill down capability.
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