The Console mode provides a simple operator interface when Merlin is managing a small number of physical locations.

Console is the easy to use and learn operator interface for a low number of protected physical sites or mobile users.

It provides a high level of mapping with interaction in real time.

Linking video to alarms in a logical fashion.
Console mode includes the MerlinMap features of crime statistics, event statistics, flooding and alarm status.

Console mode enables the user to click on camera icons and have them load in Spectrum, Merlin's CCTV interface. This enables all cameras, no matter who the manufacturer is or the type to be viewed and used in Merlin.

Telemetry is easily achieved by clicking on the zone (area) and selecting the pre-determined options available. For example connection to Building Management Systems (BMS) and other direct command devices like Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms and IoT (Internet of things) objects.


Sites displayed on map (easy to find)
- Quickly see if a site is in alarm from the main map
- Ability to place cameras directly onto the map. Maybe useful for a council/police to monitor an area/city instead of individual sites
- Flood Map
- Crime Data
- Easy to use interface
- Site maps with levels
- Ability to place cameras/sensors onto sitemaps. Makes it easier for an operator to understand the layout of a site
- Visually see which sensors/zones are in alarm
- Easily arm or disarm sites / restore alarms
- Smart lighting and energy controlled from the interface
- Easy to use editor to create the site maps, drag&drop cameras/sensors

Console mode terminals can be connected to a remote "mother" instance of Merlin. An example of this is where you might supply a terminal to a large school to manage local access control, security and FM services but also require technical support and backup from a larger control facility (this was formerly known as PSIM).

To get assistance and to learn more.
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