Initsys is a leading provider of Command and Control software, with PSIM, (Physical Security Information Management) Crisis and Incident Management software and large scale CCTV recording applications.


Initsys is a leading provider of control room solutions. We can provide everything from just intelligent software to complete design and build.

Our software receives and collates data from a range of sources, sometimes generating events that require intervention.

These events protect people and property.

Our software links CCTV, alarms, access, building management systems and other devices, providing crystal clear instructions for operators with complete control of remote equipment and the environment in which they are working.

Our software also acts intelligently to identify threats, locates CCTV images after an event and provides comprehensive data analysis.

We despatch responders, locate incidents on maps and route as required. We manage response assets in real time.

We provided facilities management systems for assets, maintenance and work orders.

The complete Merlin layout can be found here as a PDF

  • MiniPSIM

    MiniPSIM is small, simple, and reliable and designed to handle events from compact sites such as a single or a small group of buildings.  With capability to handle CCTV, Intruder, Fire alarms, door access, building management systems and much more across five main sites, this is ideal for the localised control room.


  • Merlin3

    Merlin3 is designed specifically to handle events from any number of secure properties anywhere in the world. It can receive alarms and events from CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, Door Access, building management systems  as well as acting as a centralised hub for connections to MiniPSIM systems installed at separate campuses.


  • MerlinAi

    MerlinAI encompasses all the features that make Merlin such an easy to use platform - with smarts. Using Merlin3D and Video Wall technology it can give the operator everything he needs for events- within seconds. MerlinAI can also identify potential threats and provide operators with a bird’s eye view of the current situation.



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